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Jim Dickey

Jim Dickey


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If you are looking for tall, dark, and handsome in a real estate agent, I am not your man. If you want an agent who listens, tells the truth, puts your interests first, and delivers results, then I'm probably your guy. I have always worked hard to keep a reputation for integrity, reliability, candor and for bringing a sense of fun to my work. I am very serious about what I do and I work hard for every client but I am at my best when I am able to forge meaningful connections with my clients and truly understand their demands, desires, dreams, and goals. If you work with me, I will do my level best to deliver a great experience, outstanding results, and of course,  make you laugh often.

As a member of the VSells Team, I combine my skills and talents with a leadership team that brings over 75 years Maryland real estate experience to the table, and an administrative team that is second to none.  VSells is a process focused organization that uses checklists for every contract . Our legal consultants, transaction coordinators, and administrative staff that monitor, review, and oversee all transactions from offer through closing, making sure to prevent snags, hiccups, surprises, or legal issues that may keep a deal from closing properly. We do everything we can to ensure your transaction is smooth and your experience is the best it can be.

Whether you're a first-time buyer, eager to sell, looking to invest in real estate, or in pursuit of your dream property, I promise you an exceptional real estate journey. Together, let's turn your property dreams into tangible realities.

    Tom H.
    Andy B.
    Laura Jane S.
    Greg S.

    Jim is the ONLY Realtor I have ever used who under promised and over delivered. He sold my house in less time than expected for a higher than list price. Most of the time this is due to a crazy hot market, but not this one. Jim did a great job of marketing the property and an EXCEPTIONAL job of negotiating the two offers. If you are looking for an agent who will do what he says he will do when he says he...

    — Tom H. | Retired Real Estate Broker


    I had the pleasure of working with Jim Dickey after moving to the area from another state. I have had some great realtors over the years so Jim had some big boots to fill, safe to say he exceeded my expectations in every way. He was excellent at understanding the type of property I was looking for, additionally nothing was too much effort. I look forward to working with Jim again and would recommend h...

    — Andy B. | Buyer - Systems Architect


    Jim Dickey has been an absolute joy to house hunt with - even when we had several homes to check out within a large driving radius! We have our dream home in a great location, and we would definitely partner with Jim again.

    — Laura Jane S. | Colonel, USAF Ret


    I've been a custom builder for 40 years and have sold a lot of homes. Jim sold one of my rental properties for me and exceeded my expectations. Not only because he helped us get more for the house than expected, but also because I have never had a real estate agent who was more on top of the transaction details than he was. I was completely satisfied.

    — Greg S. | Seller


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